bitcoin casino no deposit

Just as online casinos have evolved, so has Bitcoin, the world’s first digital or cryptocurrency.

In fact, where Bitcoin was once a risky yet exciting investment, today it is increasingly being accepted as a currency.

This is why a growing number of online casinos welcome it as one of their accepted currencies, including no deposit Bitcoin casinos.

These casinos allow you to claim free bonus cash or a number of free spins without having to deposit even the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin (a Satoshi).

In other words, just by signing up for a new real money casino account, you’ll be awarded a number of credits or spins to use on many top real money virtual casino games – 100% for free.

Bitcoin casinos are identical to regular online casinos except they offer Bitcoin as either their sole currency or alongside regular currencies like dollars, euros, pounds and others.

Arguably the most fascinating characteristic of Bitcoin is that you cannot touch it because it only exists virtually or digitally.

As such, it can only be used to buy goods or services over the internet, which is why it lends itself so well to online and mobile casinos.

Over and above its virtual status, Bitcoin also sets itself apart from regular (FIAT) currencies in that it is decentralized.

This means it’s not owned, operated, governed or controlled by anyone, including individuals, banks, financial institutions or governments.

Bitcoin is created digitally in a process called ‘mining.’ Miners are people across the globe with the necessary computer skills and equipment to mine Bitcoin.

They do this by adding transaction records to Bitcoin’s freely accessible public ledger – the blockchain.